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About Trendz Electricals

Trendz Electricals - 24/7 Electricians in Perth

We have 25 years of experience in the electrical field. We received our Australian electrical Licence in 2011 and started Trendz Electricals in 2016. We are one of the most affordable and best electrical contractors in Perth. Our work mainly involves the installation of LED lights, the change of halogen lights to LED light, the installation of power points both indoor and weather proof, star lights, fans, chandeliers, pendants, weather proof fittings, wall lights, heat lamps, LED dimmers, Exhaust fans and smoke alarms. We also provide RCD testing test and tag and provide extra circuits for lighting. We also install Air conditions of any size and provide regular servicing and preventive maintenance.

Who We Are

We are one of the best and most affordable electrical contractors in Perth. We mainly install LED Downlights, switchboards, Powerpoints, wall lights, Pendant lights, weather proof powerpoints and fittings, replacing RCBO's and RCD's, and installation of airconditioners and maintanace. Quality and perfection is our motto and we provide our services 24/7. Give us a call on 0439959380 or 0452537143 to get a quote for your home.



Our Services

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Installation of LED lights

We install all different types of LED lights, mostly we use Clipsal and Alux LEDs. Both of  them have the tricolour function, which you can choose between Cool White, Warm White and Day Light.

Installation of Powerpoints

We install Powerpoints from several companies such as Clipsal, Legrand and other companies. They are all the latest model of their brand and we also install one touch Powerpoints. Also also install

Weather proof fittings

We install all types of weather proof fittings such as Wall lights, sensor lights, Bulk heads and Powerpoints. We check the IP specification all the fittings to make sure they are Weather proof. We

Installation of Air conditions

We also install all types of Air conditioners ranging from 1.5KW to 8KW. We can install air conditioners of many brands such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Oxe Air, Fujitsu, Teco, Kojan, Hisense. We a

Installation of RCBOs and Smoke Alarms

We install RCBOs and RCDs depending on the load requirement. We always make sure to use the right wires for the installation of RCBOs and RCDs. As per new government law we always replace MCBs to R

Electrical maintenances

We do maintenence for any electrical fault or requirment. For exmaple faulty products such as sensors, halogen lights, powerpoints, wall fittings, weather proof fittings, air conditioners, we


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